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Old Car City is a documentary series exploring the 32 acres of a beloved junkyard in the heart of white, GA. The Lewis family started the venture as a general store in 1931, during the great depression. Walter Lewis was a miner and needed the extra money to support his family leading him to start a used car part shop across the street as well as run the store. In the 1970s, their son, Dean Lewis, bought Old Car City from them. He continued the car part shop but started collecting junk cars and other memorabilia to keep growing his outdoor museum.


Old Car City today is how he makes his living as well as his pride and joy. Dean continues collecting junk and antiques to create art around the property. He loves creating pathways with unique signage for visitors to see his car collection and creative junkyard vignettes. Dean's abstract paintings and Styrofoam cup art are displayed for visitors to buy as souvenirs to take home.


Old Car City has had visitors from all over the world and has been showcased on major TV networks and used in films. It is a place that is so obscure yet fascinating. This series is the story of Dean and his family, who chose to make this location their career and survival. Through this series, I share the detritus and beauty of a unique place where viewers can immerse themselves and learn of an area many would never believe exists.

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